About A and A Naturals

Welcome to A&A Naturals!

Our story begins as all the best stories do: With love. 

Afiza’s journey in wellness – as well as my own started long before we had ever met. Independent of one another, we both had the desire to live better lives, free from the hectic, fast-paced rat race that is so very often fueled by contempt, selfishness, and struggle.

During some of the lowest periods in my life I was blessed to have amazing people around me, prompting numerous moments in which I learnt how to be grateful. Each and all of these people touched my life in a very profound way and inspired me to become a better person for myself.

Inspired by amazing people, I began to change my life and habits in an effort to reinvent myself, all the while holding on to my newfound dream of inspiring others to realise the best versions of themselves. Then, Afiza waltzed into my life.

When we first met, Afiza was a career woman embodying the typical aspects of a modern Malaysian urbanite. Surrounded by the stress and high expectations of the urban crowd, it was then that she began to realise that life did not need to be that way – that busy, stressed urbanites not unlike herself could live good lives just as soon as they started prioritising themselves.

While she did her best to answer the needs of her fast-paced workplace, she, too, had a dream: one in which she could provide relief, comfort, and calm to these folks, by creating amazing premium quality personal care products which are affordable to all and to ensure everyone is able to optimize their health and beauty by using safe and natural personal care options.

And thus, Afiza began experimenting with essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Her repertoire of creations soon grew to include natural skin and body care products – all designed to provide relief from day-to-day problems and the pressure that came with. Afiza’s tenacity and hard work struck a chord within me, and showed me an ideal means to fulfilling my higher purpose.

In meeting Afiza – from getting to know her and learning with her, to convincing her to turn her new passion into a business and embarking upon the A&A journey together – the purpose and dream I harboured would eventually come to happy fruition. In June of 2018, the A&A Naturals idea was born, with the purpose of touching people’s lives through effective and safe plant-based products for all their self-care purposes. It was a small, but sure step forward towards the birth of a proudly-Malaysian brand with the ultimate goal of making a difference and changing consumer mindsets about skin health.

At the heart of it all, we want our customers to be able to relax, breathe, set aside their worries, fears, and expectations if only for a moment – and smile. We want our brand to reflect our ideals: Once you make yourself a priority, better solutions present themselves to you and better choices are made that lead to an overall improvement in self, community, and ultimately, the world.

In answering the need for effective and gentle skincare made with clean plant-based ingredients, we found joy and the freedom to do what we truly love. Afiza pays homage to her Malaysian roots, incorporating local ingredients to shed light on the bountiful botanicals of our nation; I, personally, revel in the knowledge that I have helped to bring a meaningful business to life.

As it stands today, the A&A Naturals brand aims to provide clean, safe and effective personal care products and to provide honest information about the ingredients used and making such information accessible to all who wish to learn. It is a name synonymous with positive energy and impact; we operate with a keen desire to be part of a greater movement – to deliver good to the people, and in doing so, also deliver good to the world at large.

In addition, our efforts in sustainability and dedication to research and development make one truth crystal clear: we will only put forth the best products for our customers, inspiring health and happiness alike. In line with our personal beliefs, it is when people feel at their best that they radiate good vibes and positive energy, sharing both with the world that surrounds them.

People say that from adversity comes greatness. Maybe there is more than a little grain of truth in the time-honoured saying. From adversity, we found joy – we found one another, and we found the wonderful world of A&A Naturals. And we’re excited to share this world with you.


Andrei, Co-Founder of A&A Naturals