Hydra Gel Moisturiser: Harnessing The Power Of Southeast Asian Botanicals

Hydra Gel Moisturiser

Introducing A&A Naturals’ Hydra Gel Moisturiser

Flourish from within and you’ll flourish for the world to see; we posit that the inverse is equally true. In the fast-paced chaos of our modern day world, it can be difficult to find time for self care. Many find solace in the comforting routines of skincare, interspersing elements of self care into the act of cleaning, hydrating, and caring for their skin. This is definitely a trend we at A&A Naturals can get on board!

Our goal has always been to craft high-quality, plant-based products using South East Asian botanicals, providing our faithful friends and customers with everything they need to feel good inside and out. Living in South East Asia, we felt that skincare best suited to our local weather, as well as locals’ skin, needed to be nourishing to counteract the harsh aging effects of the sun. Likewise, it needed to be lightweight and had to stand up to a full day’s wear without melting or becoming uncomfortably sticky in our heat.

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This product has been a long time coming. We spent a year and a half researching a pool of ingredients that we thought would serve our desired purpose. Once our formulation was completed, we continued to test the product’s efficacy on ourselves and our beta testers. We adjusted the formula based on the results and comments received, and now we can confidently say that the final product is the best we have to offer.

We even went a step further tested the product in the lab, to make sure that it is ready for you (here you can find the Certificates of Analysis)! Allow us to introduce you to our brand new A&A Naturals Hydra Gel Moisturiser, the perfect new powerhouse of active ingredients that will make hydration an absolute dream.

Hydra Gel Moisturiser

Our gel-based formulation is non-greasy, lightweight, and incredibly fast absorbing, ensuring comfortable use no matter the weather forecast. It is rich in antioxidants and other hydration-boosting and anti-ageing ingredients, delivering optimum moisturisation that plumps and smooths your skin whilst minimising pores, eliminating dryness, and improving your tone.

An Antioxidant-Rich Superstar for Anti Aging: Butterfly Pea Flower Extract

Packed with antioxidants like flavonoids, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, butterfly pea flower extract provides the perfect base for anti-aging, with the ability to minimise fine lines whilst improving the overall complexion of your skin. This powerhouse ingredient is also able to aid skin irritations, soothing both itching and redness. And what’s more: it’s known to help with moisture retention and improving your skin barrier, lending its strength to repairing your skin. It even supports collagen structure, counteracting the signs of ageing! 

Butterfly Pea Flower

Hydration Heaven: Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Glycerin

An incredibly popular ingredient in modern skincare, hyaluronic acid has more than earned its share of fame. Lauded for its ability to keep skin flexible, it is often used to reduce skin wrinkles and fine lines; it is also proven effective for retaining moisture, and can help to heal your wounds and scars. Likewise, aloe vera boasts a world of benefits, providing gentle moisturisation whilst effectively soothing dry and irritated skin. Further playing to the strengths of its companion ingredients, glycerin provides additional hydration and protection against external irritants, and is even said to be effective for psoriasis.

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Our Approach to Acne And Sun Damage: Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

A form of Vitamin B3, an essential nutrient, the benefits of Niacinamide cannot be overstated. Used in skincare, this ingredient is known to aid skin conditions like acne and eczema; at the same time, it is incredibly useful for moisture retention, minimising pore appearance so skin appears lusciously smooth. Additionally, Niacinamide can also protect your skin against sun damage, treating hyperpigmentation, lightening dark spots, and minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

The Road To Moisture Retention: Olive Oil and Olive Squalane

Yet two more popular ingredients in skincare, olive oil and olive squalane provide a wealth of benefits. Chief among these anti-ageing benefits is their ability to improve moisture retention whilst preventing trans-epidermal moisture loss, restoring and repairing the skin barrier. Essentially, these ingredients come together to reduce wrinkles and sun damage, improving skin suppleness and elasticity to give you youthful, radiant, and plump skin. Additionally, squalane is also a natural antioxidant, which means it’ll further help 

A Solution For All Skin Types

No matter your skin type – normal, combination, oily, or acne-prone, we want you to feel good in it. Our Hydra Gel Moisturiser benefits all skin types, and is suitable for daily use. Want an added boost of luxury? Blend 1-2 pumps between your palms with a few drops of our Radiant Face Oil before applying to your face and bask in the inimitable glow of self care and self care.

Hydra Gel Moisturiser

For best results, use as part of a holistic skin care routine with our Clarifying Face Cleanser or Firming Face Cleanser .

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