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Andrei and Afiza Portrait 10 Questions

Andrei, Male Founder of A&A Naturals

With over ten years racked up in the corporate world, Andrei male founder of A&A Naturals (pictured alongside his partner, Afiza) once worked as a legal counsel. “Whilst I enjoyed the challenges and experiences I had as a lawyer, I felt I could not make a positive impact on others’ lives as much and as effectively as I wanted,” He shares with us. “I felt starting my own business would bring me closer, and make me more effective in making the world a better place.”

Andrei’s stars aligned when he met his partner, the other half of A&A Naturals. It was when he witnessed Afiza’s passion for crafting self care products that he recognised the golden opportunity in his hands. “A&A Naturals was created with the purpose of touching people’s lives, and inspiring them to become better people both inside, and outside.” And how? By providing the hardworking masses plant-based skin and body-care products that will allow them to prioritise their daily hygiene, take care of their skin, and help them to feel good in every way.

Andrei Male Founder AandA Naturals

“As a man, I had to learn that being strong does not mean to be physically strong, or to not show any weakness – but to know my weaknesses, to accept them, and to acknowledge them as they are,” Andrei shares, speaking on generalisations surrounding men showing weakness. “In other words, to accept myself as a human being, an imperfect human being. For me, life is a marathon, and not a sprint. As long as I get up at least one time more than I fall down, I’ll make another step towards my goals.”

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This article was written by Emmelyn M. and published on 18 November 2022 in Journal by Poptron.

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