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You may ask yourself: is skin care, personal care, body care not about beauty? At least this is what most people say?!?! Well, personal care might be about beauty as well, but in my opinion, it is about LOVE in the first place.

Stay with me, because I am going to take you on an exciting journey in which you will learn why personal care is about LOVE.

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looking for LOVE

In my experience, most adults are looking for LOVE. Either they belong to the lucky ones who have already found their special someone, and hope their LOVE will last forever – or they are still looking for that special someone to LOVE them, the way they are, and to LOVE that special someone back.

I’ve been many times on this path, looking for LOVE and thinking I’d found it… only to lose it again and find myself disillusioned and sad, returned to the same point from which I started my lookout.

Erich Fromm – the art of LOVING

Erich Fromm, the German psychoanalyst and social philosopher, describes in his bestseller, “The Art of Loving”, what LOVE is and how to find LOVE. (I can only recommend this book to everyone, as it’s an easy and meaningful read).

He describes the various aspects of LOVE and he concludes the journey with how one can reach that ideal stage most of us are longing for. Fromm puts it as simply as…only when you learn to love yourself, will you be able to love others and will be loved back.

only when you learn to love yourself, will you be able to love others and will be loved back

…and there is so much truth in Fromm’s words! Before we ‘truly’, ‘rightfully’ and with all our heart can LOVE another being, we have to learn to LOVE ourselves.

Now think about it, how is it when you LOVE somebody? You want the best for that being, you want to provide the best care, the best companionship, the best things and ultimately want for that being to be happy. Am I right? Well, the same applies when you LOVE yourself. You do the same for you, as if you are that special someone… and you are special, trust me on this! 

It may feel awkward to treat yourself the way you might treat a loved one… especially if you were to look at yourself in the mirror and profess I LOVE YOU! But this is the best way to start. And with good and constant practice, you will see results. You will start treating yourself with compassion, respect and LOVE. You will radiate positivity, and reside in a good mood, because for you, you are the best person in the world.

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LOVE yourself

When you LOVE yourself, you may want the best care for you, you may start treating your body like a temple. You will want to give your body the best care and this starts with the best personal care. Gentle self love, which will take good care of your body, and which will pamper you and make you feel good in your own skin. So that you can look into the mirror and say to yourself…Hello Handsome? Are you not beautiful today? And tomorrow…and the day after and forever!

That’s why I truly believe that personal care is not about beauty, but about LOVE. I am sure that when you take good care of yourself and your body, beauty will follow.

the gift of LOVE

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to give that special someone in your life the gift of LOVE – the best self-care… and if that special someone has not found the way to you…then make that gift to yourself!

lush and luxurious gift box AandA Naturals

AND once you learn to love yourself…you will find that special someone who will love you with all their heart, just the way you are. And, if you are one of the lucky ones who have already found LOVE, loving yourself and taking good care of yourself will be like energy to power the flame of eternal LOVE.



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